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RSS Raniam

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1 point

Closing Statement:

I hope you can change your view of the whole situation to match ours. Remember : Not building the Mosque would be better for the American government.

2 points

Don't you remember it was muslims who were responsible for 9/11. Since it was Islamic radicals that destroyed the 9/11 attacks then why should we trust them to build a mosque. >:(

1 point

There are only 29% that want the mosque to be built and majority rules

2 points

70% of Americans oppose of the building because of the hatred of muslims and it’s an insult. Plus they don’t want a mosque marking the site of the 9/11 attacks.

2 points

Even though it wasn’t all muslims that were involved it was still there religion and it’s there responsibility to demolish any bad beliefs from hurting other human.

1 point

Who is this wise man if he is so important tell me about him.

2 points

Exactly so why shouldn't be building this mosque. For example they have a mosque that is four blocks away and another one thats 12 blocks away

Check Here:

1 point

So if your saying it causes more hatred, then why build it, "I understand the anger, the bitterness and hatred, but it only generates more hatred"

How is there faith if everything that is going on is terrible.

1 point

If your a citizen that cares about your country then, you shouldn't build the mosque, because your country won't be chaotic.

1 point

Actually it does Jae because, the muslims are "trying" to build it in America. Even if America is a free country and can do whatever they want there are zoning laws.

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