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1 point

Like I said, I believe the death penalty should not be under the 8th amendment because the death penalty is cruel as some innocent people get executed. Some go through hours of pain. Some get tortured and put in prison instead. This is cruel and unusual punishment.

1 point

And what about isolation? b7215568.html And this man was sent to non-lehal jolts and put in prison.. Not unusual or cruel?

1 point

Your source supports our point as well. The first point they make states our side "It teaches the condemned nothing". As well as "It is hypocritical" and "It is always cruel"

0 points

revenge isn't a good thing.“An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind” -Mahatma Gandhi

1 point

Has it really changed anything? "Death is not only an unusually severe punishment, unusual in its pain, in its finality, and in its enormity, but it serves no penal purpose more effectively than a less severe punishment…” William J. Brennan

1 point

Abortions and unplugging people of life support isn't legal everywhere.

0 points

With who deserves it? There is also a racial bias.

2 points

Apparently some drugs have a more painful effect on people. b6480914.html

One of them didn't work as well.

2 points

I believe the death penalty should not be under the 8th amendment because the death penalty is cruel as some innocent people get executed. 151 people have been released from the death row. It is worse as it can be their life taken away rather than spending years in prison.

1 point

What if we find another planet that we can live on? Or resources we could collect?

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