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1 point

According to this article the police are not required to protect every individual citizen. Also this website shows that more lives are saved than taken away in self defense cases. We also do not know how many criminals import guns privatly.

1 point

Well in this article it shows the NRA accepting the right to bear arms. Also your article was written in 2000, mine was written in 2012 so I wouldn't consider that a valid point since we are in 2015.

1 point

Since anyone can mishandle a gun and take away lives are you saying that police shouldn't be allowed to have guns either because they can also misuse them?

1 point

Well in this article It says that the mother was protecting her 2 children from teenage invaders and the teenagers ended up getting arrested which means no one got killed. Thanks to her gun now her children are safe.

1 point

So are you saying that it's a bad thing that there are guns already out on the street? Well because if that is true then you are saying that policemen should not have guns either. If they don't have guns no one can be protected from criminals, since importing guns is very easy to do and is very common. a_id/210/~/requirements-for-importing-new-or-antique-firearms/ammunition

-1 points

You don't have any evidence to support this statement. According to this article more people on average die of dog bites, falling and fires then gun shots.

0 points In this case the mother was protecting her and her children from 3 teenagers that were breaking into their house. In the end the teenagers ended up getting arrested. If it were not for the gun she may not have been alive and both of her children might have gotten hurt, killed, or seriously injured. If it were not for the gun the police would not have came fast enough to stop them.

0 points

Well now if some one is in danger in the middle of anywhere the police are not required to protect every individual citizen, but the majority which means that citizens need to have their own protection.

1 point

Since all battles are not fought separately men and women should train together to get the same amount of experience

2 points

Are you saying that every man is stronger then all women? A lot of women can be stronger than men, if they work hard.

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