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1 point

I agree that people should have the option to not go through the scanner if they have special circumstances such as pregnancy. However, this is not a fault in the scanner, but a fault in security. Chicago Airport should resolve this with their staff and policies, but this is not TSA's Full Body Scanners fault.

1 point

What if the person that refused a full body scan was hiding a bomb INSIDE his body, which couldn't be felt by an officer and then he went on your plane and blew it up. If you ask anyone who's been affected by (either personally or someone they knew) by a plane attack, I'm sure they would agree that safety beats comfort any day. When is privacy more important than your safety? Does someone seeing your 'privates' more important to you than your life?

1 point

Are you saying you would rather be felt up by a security officer? What if a terrorist said the same thing as you. Would you think it was a violation of privacy if they did the same thing to a terrorist? Would you?

1 point

You said that you can choose which gender pats you down. According to the TSA themself, it has to be conducted by the same sex.

"The patdown should be conducted by an officer of the same gender. Sometimes, passengers must wait for an officer of the same gender to become available."

Supporting Evidence: Pat Downs Information (
1 point

You are saying that being patted down is a inefficient way of security. If he had gone through the body scan, it would have been faster and he would have felt more comfortable. You are supporting the wrong side my friend.

1 point

Can you show me evidence that americans are dying from the radiation they get from body scanners? How can anyone be sure that they are from the body scanners? There are a million ways people can die from radiation, and it must be in extreme amounts to make a difference.

1 point

On another point, how are you willing to allow a same-sex security worker to pat you up and down and feel you up, but not to to stand in front of an x-ray and let it take a picture of you, then instantly delete it.

1 point

Would you rather risk being blown up on a plane with children, women and men or would you allow a person of the same sex to professionally scan your body. They are not only doing it to you, they are doing it to everyone else. The reason it was created it because it is much more thorough and efficient than other scanners. When does your privacy become more important than your safety?

1 point

In this medical report, a group of physics experts have found that they deliver less radiation than you would absorb if you were sitting in a park. So radiation is not something to worry about.

Even the title of the document is "Airport Body Scanner Radiation Barely A Thing To Worry About:

Supporting Evidence: Airport Body Scanner Radiation Barely A Thing To Worry About (
1 point

In this medical report, a group of physics experts have found that they deliver less radiation than you would absorb if you were sitting in a park. So radiation is not something to worry about.

Supporting Evidence: Medical Journal on TSA Full Body Scanners (Medical Daily) (
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