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1 point

Can you read the rest of the argument? There was more stated that go against what you said.

1 point

According to the seventh point of that article, there was a school shooting where civilians ran to their car and got hunting rifles to fire at an attacker, who killed 12 people in that school. If the civilians didn't get their rifles, the shooter would've killed much more than 12 people.

1 point

Nonetheless, crime rates have still risen, even after banning guns.

2 points

Please read through the first point listed in that article. It says that guns were caused to be banned by a shooting massacre where 16 young children were shot dead. When the guns were banned, the crime rate was 1.12 per 100,000. In 2010, the crime rates have slight risen to 1.23. 1.23 is what has been reported, but lots of people are saying that there have been many cases of under-reporting of many crimes.

1 point

I have noticed that Sarah was not in your opening statement video, and she has not been participating much in our arguments. Have we convinced her already?

1 point

Let's say that right now, the 2nd Amendment changes, and we can no longer access guns in America legally. The criminals who still own guns would not be willing to turn their guns in to the government. So if the 2nd Amendment were to be banned, that would leave all the criminals with guns, and all the innocent civilians with nothing to defend themselves with.

1 point

If fire-arms were banned right now, criminals would have access to them from other countries or from a black market. Also, let's not forget that guns are not the only way to kill someone, there are still knives, bombs, and many other things for mass-murder.

1 point

In what way would Adam Lanza have no access to guns? Even if there was no 2nd Amendment, there are still many ways to get a gun. He could get them from another country, or from a black market.

1 point

Ari, I am not sure if you have read the entire article or not, but according to this link, the 12-year-old brother did not take the gun to scare coyotes, but he just decided to sneak out a gun that his Sheriff-father owned to play with, as he thought it was unloaded.

1 point

According to that website, 74% of criminals choose not to invade a house when the owners are there, as they fear the owner will have a gun to defend himself. Keep in mind that this would not be possible if the 2nd Amendment did not exist.

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