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RSS Mustafa123

Reward Points:20
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1 point

These incidents occurred before these scanners were introduced.

mustafa123(20) Clarified
1 point

Could you please clarify who James is? As he could be an un important person in this argument.

1 point

Closing Argument:

These Scanners have been found reliable in many cases and they aren't harming passengers, they are also easy and quick. So airports should still use these scanners and produce more.

1 point

Is your video reliable it was found for some guy on Youtube meaning this could have been made up.

0 points

So these scanners aren't only for the use of weapons but also illegal items

1 point

Pat downs are done by the same gender and passengers aren't required to life their skirts or take off clothing.

1 point

The TSA scanners are quick and will take no longer then 10 seconds but if passengers decide to go through pat downs it will take longer for them.

mustafa123(20) Clarified
1 point

This argument states that TSA members should have better training not that TSA agents shouldn't use scanners.

0 points

Some passengers do not want to let anybody see them close to nudity, The TSA created an AIT scanner which produces millimeter waves which are harmless electromagnetic waves which produce a cartoon image of the passenger but still detects items on the body or in pockets.

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