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RSS Zackkawa

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Just because a medic wants to have a mosque doesn't mean there should be one. Building a mosque in an area which muslim terrorists killed majority Christians and Jews would cause a lot of riots.

0 points

Building the “Ground Zero Mosque” will spark protests and riots all over New York. This would endanger all the local residents, as anti-Muslim extremists would launch attacks on the Mosque. On October 3, 2010, the NYPD confirmed that they were investigating death threats against Imam Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan. A pastor from Florida threatened to burn 100 Qur’an’s on September 11, 2010, if the Mosque was built in the proposed location. An example of this story would be the bombing of Churches in Lahore, Pakistan in 2015. The bombing of 2 Christian Mosques resulted in at least 14 deaths and above 70 casualties. Violent riots and protest were sparked against the bombers, claimed to be Jamatul Ahrar. During the protest 2 people were accused of the bombings and killed by the mob. As well as this in Northern Nigeria a terrorist organization known as Boko Haram has been subject to killing thousands and thousands of people including the majority of them Christians. Goodluck Jonathan has even claimed that they have killed 13,000 people and recently around January several Churches were destroyed and several hundred people to even thousands of people were killed. This is just one of several examples why the Christians and Muslims are bashing heads so much currently. Even between the Muslims and the Jewish things are extremely heated with the Palestine/ Israel conflict occurring at this moment of time. Jews also feel that Muslims shouldn’t be able to open a mosque and opening a mosque wouldn’t only likely cause conflict in New York but would also cause conflict in Gaza, Jerusalem and the rest of Israel and Palestine.

4 points

Is it worth it if it was to start a war between the Christians and Muslims which the Christians have already threatened to do.

0 points

First of all your grammar is off by a long shot, 2nd of all why should Christians and Jews not be allowed to practice their religion if muslims can in New York. This is abusing the amendments.

4 points

Two floors our occupied by a mosque in that community center and which means there is still a mosque in that area which means there will be great protest and riots from the New York people because there are majority Christians and Jews who have already started to go against this according so several polls.

3 points

Before trying to build a Mosque in a controversial area, the Muslims should review their own views. As Islam promotes equality, it seems wrong that no churches or synagogues are permitted to be built in Saudi Arabia, and that Christians and Jews are not allowed to enter Mecca.

4 points

First of all there was never a mosque at the site of ground zero where the World Trade center used to be. There was a prayer room in the Southern Twin tower but never a mosque. It's not a legal matter, as Islam promotes equality and the majority doesn't want the mosque there, you should listen.

3 points

Opening Statement:

Today we are here to argue whether or not a Muslim Community Center should be built near Ground Zero, where 9/11 commenced. Our opponent is going to try to prove to us today, that a Muslim Community Center should be built next to a place where a Muslim terrorist act was initiated. Anybody in America should be able to worship freely, like the 1st amendment states,our team, however, will try to prove to you that there is a limit to the amendment, and by building the Muslim community center, that limit is broken. First of all, as 9/11 was inspired by Islam, it would be purely insulting to the memories and families of those who lost their lives, to build a Mosque right there. Ground Zero should remain untouched and serve as a cemetery and a memorial to 9/11. Second of all, as Islam promotes equality, it seems wrong that no churches or synagogues are permitted to be built in Saudi Arabia, and that Christians and Jews are not allowed to enter Mecca. And so before questioning American ways, they should look over their own. Lastly, building the “Ground Zero Mosque” will spark protests and riots all over New York, and soon anti-Muslim extremists would launch attacks on the Mosque. This would endanger all the local residents. We believe that it would be beneficial for everybody, including Muslims, if the Mosque is not built there, as many losses could be avoided. The mosque could be built anywhere else in New York without any problems occurring. We will try and prove to you that “Ground Zero” is not the correct place for a mosque, and we hope by then end of the debate you will be on our side

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