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1 point

As stated, the death penalty is cruel and and unusual as the way that the execution is held out is cruel and wrong with how it tortures them to death. They give that medicine which will paralyze people so they won't feel it but it sometimes doesn't work. Electric chair is not humane as putting through 2000 volts is cruel so is other ways. This is always cruel and unusual punishment.

1 point

The argument is not about abortion. It is about cruel and unusual punishment of death penalty.

1 point

This isn't proven by stats. Psychology is a type of science where answer can be always different.

1 point

Killing someone is wrong, but killing the murderer is wrong too. Two wrongs don't make a right.

1 point

How is getting shot by the firing squad and dying by suffocation in a gas chamber like how the nazi's did is humane and okay punishment?

1 point

According to a lawyer and a senator of Nebraska, Les Seiler said “I think you can make an argument that it will deter somebody from committing murder, but when you use it in every 19 or 18 years, it's not a deterrence.”

0 points

Sodium pentothal is not made any more and the doesn't have the stock. The drug the government will use now is midazolam and it showed flaws like what happened in Oklahoma.

1 point

The supreme court already made a case that stated that death penalty was a cruel and unusual punishment in the case Furman v. Georgia. Although it has been overturned, the precedent that stated that it is cruel is one that we should pay attention.

1 point

They are not killing a baby, they are kill the unborn fetus. There is still an argument such as abortion and should be about the death penalty.

1 point

Having a good lawyer or not has a huge impact on the outcome as well. www. (link from tom canino)

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