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As we stated, 1,163,146 violent crimes ensued as a result of the termination of the death penalty in 2013. Today, every 107 seconds another American is sexually assaulted, an average of 1 out of 6 American women have been raped in their lifetime. Soon, you will become a statistic on the news. We believe that the death penalty must be enforced with care and certainty. Therefore, we would like to highlight the following points; death penalty deters future criminals, indeed the fact that the government can permit a doctor to sentence their sick patient to death, and abort an innocent baby is furthermore a reason to permit the rightful punishment to an inhuman delinquent. This is all because the punishment for juveniles isn't strict and logical enough.

1 point

As said by the victim’s mother, Joann Brandon, it would bring her closure for the juvenile to die. She thinks no justice is being done for her dead daughter, and when the juvenile was finally sentenced to death, she replied by saying that he should have died a long time ago.

Miriam Thimm Kelle who lost a brother to murder said, "I lost another brother to a car accident. It was quick — you bury them and you grieve," she said. "With this, you have to re-grieve all the time. It's like picking off scabs continually."

Therefore, juveniles should be killed as they make such a big impact on innocent people’s lives with such a small decision.

1 point

It provides closure for the people who were close to the murdered victim. The families and friends would already be suffering enough with the tragic and unnecessary loss of their loved one, and knowing for sure that the murderer is dead is the least the government can do for the society.

It’s the ultimate way for the deprived family and friends of the victim to feel safe again. They already are suffering so much from their loss. Most people would rather have the murderer of their loved one dead instead of feeling sorry for the murderer.

The poor families deserve the closure they surely will get after the murderer of their loved one is sentenced to death. People want the vengeance. term=death%20penalty%20pros%20list&utm;content=p1-main-3-title&utm;medium=sem&utm;source=google&utm;campaign=adid-ef31a77e-757d-47ec-ac95-4855b1dcacd6-0-ab gsbocode-4555&ad;=semD&an;=googles&am;=broad&q;=death%20penalty%20pros%20list&dqi;=&o;=4555&l;=sem&qsrc;=999&askid;=ef31a77e-757d-47ec-ac95-4855b1dcacd6-0-ab_gsb

1 point

"Some drugs" isn't specific enough to support your point. Lethal injection, which is the most commonly used way of death punishment, is developed to kill the prisoner with the chemicals inside. Our technology can create so much, that we can put together so much more.

2 points

Keeping a prisoner in jail and torturing them for the majority of their life is more uncivilized than sentencing them to death. Their death punishment is logical and just enough for their crimes.

0 points

According to this source, the death penalty is cheaper for the government than having to feed them for their entire life, when it’s obvious that the person deserves death punishment.

For example, California could reduce their expenses by 1 billion US dollars in the next five years if they accept capital punishment and commute death row sentences to life imprisonment without parole. term=death%20penalty%20pros%20list&utm;content=p1-main-3-title&utm;medium=sem&utm;source=google&utm;campaign=adid-ef31a77e-757d-47ec-ac95-4855b1dcacd6-0-ab gsbocode-4555&ad;=semD&an;=googles&am;=broad&q;=death%20penalty%20pros%20list&dqi;=&o;=4555&l;=sem&qsrc;=999&askid;=ef31a77e-757d-47ec-ac95-4855b1dcacd6-0-ab_gsb

1 point

You're arguing about the cruelty and physical pain of the killings of criminals. Killing a criminal is exactly what he/she did in the first place. Again, it’s only fair and makes the most sense. It’s the most stable choice of punishment. Death should be punished with death.

1 point

I understand your point. However, these criminals deserve death punishment, as they took the right to live from another person. It's only fair and logical that they are the ones we're rid of.

1 point

Death penalty is still the ultimate warning to the society to not make the mistakes others did.

lidyabuyuk(6) Clarified
1 point

If killing an innocent baby or patient is okay with the government, there shouldn't be a problem killing a juvenile for fair punishment.

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