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1 point

I've said this too many times. I understand that these machines help us stay safe, yet WHY do these machines have to be so graphic. This is a huge privacy invasion...

You said that this advanced scanning is safe??? Because having your body being exposed to unhealthy machine radiation is so healthy. ITS NOT!

1 point

I understand that there are risks on airplanes. Yet why do these images have to be so graphic? Why would the security need to see genitals in order to make sure that there are no weapons? I mean, breasts don't exactly need to be so graphic either. Simply a different color shows where a metal is being hidden.. Anyways why not make a different machine or a item that is able to show metals without doing so much harm to the human body..? This, I don't understand and doesn't make sense to me.

1 point b1079495.html

This source here clearly says that

" Because of these machines, 6 to 100 americans are getting cancer and dying every year."

1 point

Couldn't agree less about this, yet if this is one airport doing such, I would assume that it's not the only airport. If a women is so afraid of going through this scanner, this could send a clear message.

1 point

I understand this completely, but why can't the government think of something that wouldn't be so harmful to passengers? Yet at the same time it would be able to detect all types of metals. Big or small.

1 point

Why doesn't the government make a new object that you are able to detect metal that doesn't give off so much radiation. Why cant the government think a bit harder? Why does the government A) want to put the people of his country and even visitors in risk and B) have the privacy of people be violated.

1 point

"I asked to be pat down instead of going through the body scanner as I am pregnant. The TSA agents repeated again for me to just go through the scanner and it would be done in 5 seconds. No matter how much I pushed for a hand pat down, they pushed me harder for the machine. I feel like when i specifically ask for something that is an option for me, I should be able to get it. I will literally never fly through the Chicago Airport again because of this incident"

-Molly A.

She is trying to keep her baby safe yet when she tries so hard, she is being pushed harder to put her baby in danger.

1 point

"I will not allow my 8 year old son to be treated in this fashion and he will therefore, for the first time in his life, not spend the holidays with his grandparents. I will not allow my government to molest or take naked photos of my child."

Gregory C.

Seems like he has a point.. What parent wants the government to keep naked photos of their children and not delete them?

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