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The people who hate the country of America with every fiber of their being will be heartened by this incredible “victory” over America. Is that the message we want to send to America's enemies? Think about that

1 point

Here you could see a quote that really touched me and really means that their shouldn't be a mosque next to the Ground Zero Mosque:

NEDA BOLOURCHI: For me, that’s my mother’s grave site. It’s plain, as simple as that.And I — I appreciate the fact that they are building a memorial and a museum.

And I don’t care how tall it is. It could be one story or 13 stories. I do not like it to be close, because so many people of different faiths also lost their lives. If that’s so, then we should build a temple and a church around it, too. And what about other people, Hindus and Baha’is, everybody else that was on that plane that died.

1 point

Jindal, a potential 2016 candidate, recently said “we shouldn’t tolerate those who want to come and try to impose some variant or some version of Sharia law.” Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal also proposed that to restrict immigration of Muslims who promote sharia law isn't religious discrimination but protecting the freedoms of all Americans.

Supporting Evidence: Bobby Jindal on Ground Zero Mosque (
1 point

We are not talking about DAA here, we are talking about the whole American nation being and in especially New York where thousands of people where affected by 9/11. Now about 70% of New York opposes and states that there should not be a Mosque next to the site of 9/11

1 point

Now again, because we see a number of people who are perturbed by the site, we need to acknowledge it. In the inherent visceral of the event to victims, their families and even the rest of the nation and in how doing so belittles the event in which transpired there. The muslim community should be sensitive to the American people because of the tragic day of 9/11 where about 2,750 died.

1 point

Stated from this: - . A significant number of people who are not ready and are perturbed by the site and being a democratic nation, we must acknowledge these people and remember all the people who died on the day of 9/11. "But in a visit to the Gulf Coast, Obama later dialed back saying that he supported the Muslims community's right to build the mosque, but was not sure it was a good idea to build so close to Ground Zero." , even the president of the United States; Obama, said that it is not a good idea to build a mosque so close to Ground Zero.

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