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RSS Daliab

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1 point

As we have made lots of different points against the death penalty we hope you changed your view point of it. We have stated that it can go wrong in many ways. We posted 3 cases that prove that point. We have also have shown you lots of evidence about the drug shortage in U.S.A and how that causes lots of unnecessary pain to victims. Families of the victims need conselling and help, the death penalty keeps the families of the victims in the process and doesn’t give them time to grieve. It is time for a change and many states(Nebraska at this very moment) and other nations have started.

1 point

21,000 cases of which 27 were death penalty cases might have been flawed. The FBI has acknowledged that their forensic unit has given false testimonies. There microscopic hair unit has been giving flawed testimonies for decades, by matching crime scene hairs with the hair of a defendant's accused of those crimes. FBI laboratory reports have shown that positive identifications could not be made through hair association. So different hairs could be coming from the same person with near certainty. In the 268 examined so far, forensic experts exaggerated the certainty of matches between crime scene hair and the hair of the defendants. The testimonies favored prosecutors 95% of the time. The FBI admitted to providing inaccurate testimonies in 32 capital trials in which defendants were sentenced to death. Senator Richard Blumenthal, a former prosecutor, said, “These findings are appalling and chilling in their indictment of our criminal justice system, not only for potentially innocent defendants who have been wrongly imprisoned and even executed, but for prosecutors who have relied on fabricated and false evidence despite their intentions to faithfully enforce the law.” This is a major disaster as it has connected innocent people to crimes they haven’t commit. This also shows that innocent people die from false information. This is not fair on the victims.

Sources: nearly-all-criminal-trials-for-decades/2015/04/18/39c8d8c6-e515-11e4-b510-962fcfabc310_story.html

1 point

Again I have already said that they are changing the drugs now due to drug shortage. So they don't use that 3 combination anymore.

1 point

That was long time ago. As the world is starting to change and evolve now a lot of things are changing. For example we don't hang people anymore in the USA. Other countries have also abolished the death penalty. So that isn't really a good point.

1 point

Are you basically trying to prove our point that the death penalty should be banished?? This says that is is cruel to make someone suffer twice.

1 point

You have only posted a sentence! Where is your evidence? You are not explaining anything. This is just you personal opinion.

1 point

Another horrifying story about the pain victims have to go through, is the story of Romell Broom. Broom was supposed to be executed in 2009 but it was stopped because officials failed to get a needle into his veins. Officials tried for more than two hours to stick a combination of 3 drugs into his veins. They pricked him 18 times before they finally called it off. "The pain made me cry," Broom said. Sticking a needle into someone 18 times for two hours is definitely a “cruel” punishment. The issues with lethal injections made states look at new ways to execute people as a back-up plan. Tennessee has made the electric chair a back up plan. Do you think this is fair and not "cruel"??

Source: lethal-injection/top-court-will-hear-romell-brooms-execution-do-over-appeal-n121366

This link shows lots of examples of executions gone wrong and a picture of Broom arms after he survived the execution:

1 point

Who said this?? Already other nations are strictly against the death penalty. The European Union is strongly against the death penalty. Its abolition is the main key for the Unions human rights policy. The EU is the biggest donor to the fight against the death penalty. The EU says: “The death penalty is cruel and inhuman, and has not been shown in any way to act as a deterrent to crime. The European Union regards abolition as essential for the protection of human dignity, as well as for the progressive development of human rights.” So if the European Union(Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK) can govern the people without the death penalty so can U.S.


So if so many countries already are against the death penalty why is America not??

1 point

I already replied to this post on the other side. Are you sure that is a reliable website? We looked at that website when we were doing our research and Mr.Plotz said it wasn't reliable.

1 point

I read it and replied because your reply doesn't beat mine. I stated that the death they are using new drugs now and you are still saying they are using the old ones. My article is more recent.

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