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1 point

As I said before, there are 2 types of body scan, millimeter wave scanner, and backscatters. The millimeter use picture like photos than can still detect anything unusual. 18/tsa-now-says-all-nude-body-scanners-will-be-pulled-but-similar-looking-machines-are-staying/

1 point

You know there is a scanner used specifically for metals

1 point

The security found tiny packets of illegal drugs hiding in people’s pockets or bodies and found more than 80 people who tried to smuggle drugs or sometime weapons. If they were smuggling weapons, and they were planning on terrorizing, what would've happened if it wasn't the body scan?

cean0210(1) Clarified
0 points

Even doctors who know well about the radiation use full body scanners if they need to because they know that the radiation from the body scanners won't really harm us.

1 point

"I go through them," said Dr. Greg Zorman, chief of neurosurgery at Memorial Healthcare System in Florida. "The amount of radiation you get isn't worth worrying about."

The Transportation Security Administration says the so-called backscatter scans, which emit a small amount of radiation, are safe.

Another type of airport scanner uses "millimeter wave" technology, which uses electromagnetic waves and has not raised the same level of public concerns as the backscatter scans.

0 points

The man who smuggled a bomb in his underwear aboard a commercial airliner on Christmas Day in 2009 has been sentenced to life in prison. If there was a body scan, it would've been really easy to find the bomb

0 points

If people want pricy and don't want anyone to see their body, the machine is optional and instead you can do a pat down.

0 points

Also the machine deliver less radiation than you would absorb if you were sitting in a park. You know there are radiations everywhere you go.

0 points

According to the TSA--and independent studies prove these machines are not harmful to our health. keep-us-safe

0 points

The machine has a ability to spot little concealed objects. It demonstrates their effectiveness as a security tool. For example, in Richmond, Virginia, airport the scanner found a knife hidden in the small of a person's back. The person could've murdered someone if it wasn't the tsa body scanners.

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