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I greatly disagree with your comment. Dogs are just as likely to get shot as humans. They are not a good source of protection. In this article it shows you how 2 people got killed, and there dogs. Later on there neighbor had gun and shot the criminal. As you can see the dogs could not stand a chance against the criminal. But if they had a gun the 2 people that died would have been able to save themselves. that is why guns are a good source of protection.

Supporting Evidence: Armed Citizen Saves Policeman’s Life (
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Another example of using guns for self defense and in a positive way was a story on Daily Caller called "Family Of Gun Owners Saves Mom From Attack In Her Driveway".

A mother was almost kidnapped in her drive way after a duck hunting trip with her family. Her sons and husband all had guns because of the trip. He followed her into the house, later on her husband and the 2 sons held down the criminal in the living room floor with a gun aimed at him. They didn't shoot the criminal but they used it to keep them safe. That shows that guns do not need to be used to kill but that it can be used to save lives. Without it how would the family stand a chance against him?

Supporting Evidence: Family Of Gun Owners Saves Mom From Attack In Her Driveway (
-1 points

I believe that the parents are teaching there kids to shoot guns for self defense not to become criminals.

From the Huffington Post there is an article called "Oklahoma Girl Shoots Home Intruder: 12-Year-Old Uses Family's Gun To Protect Self, Home"

Calera is a 12 year old girl (around our age) and an intruder entered into her house.

She took her parents gun and shot the criminal through the door, it scared the invader away.

If her parents did not teach her how to use a gun or defend herself she would have not had a chance against the invader. That is how children being taught how to use guns is positive.

1 point

The source that you found this information was from a debate source that states peoples opinions not facts.

2 points

I disagree with your comment, even though guns may cause some problems, how would people have a chance against that criminal. Also remember that if guns become illegal, if someone wanted to get one they would be able to like drugs and alchohol.

0 points

The second point that we are going to argue is that if people own a gun they can have a chance against criminals and they can also scare off criminals.

On CNN there was an article called "Gun rights groups say Georgia home invasion proves their point"

In Georgia a Mother and 2 kids were at home when they heard when an intruder with a cow bar entering into there house.

They rushed to the attic and the mom had a .38 revolver (a type of gun) to defend her and her kids.

The intruder later on eventually found them, with her on the phone with both 911 and her husband, they told her to shoot him.

She shoots him 5 times but he manages to escape and drive away a little bit but then he eventually crashes not so far away.

Without the use of this gun for self defense both the mother and the 2 children would not have survived.

This is 1 main story that really shows how guns can save someones lives and can be used for self defense.

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