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Bringing an end to this debate, we shall restate our points again for extra clarity. The TSA should not be permitted to adopt advanced imagery to peer under the passengers' clothes. We believe it is harmful to the health of the citizens going through the machines, culturally insensitive, and last but not least, a fundamental breach of not just a citizen's but a human's right to privacy.

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A train and a boat would actually be a better alternative for people who wish ill. However what you have not taken into consideration is that the average citizen does not have the financial capability to charter a private jet. But my main concern about your counter argument is that you just stated that privacy is NOT the main priority. We just wish to ask then what is? Our last counter argument for this comment is that the pat downs are not just pat downs. Many American citizens have been stopped and searched in the most uncomfortable ways. I have an article I have used as a source for that below. I also have personal experience of being searched uncomfortably. Keep in mind that I was 9 years old and I was asked to strip down, because of my name and race.


1 point

That is actually in fact, a false statement about "instantly deleting the pictures."

I have an article which has the federals admitting that they have kept over tens of thousands of the pictures. There are also pictures of citizens who have been robbed of their rights and lied to as evidence.

- images/

2 points

Yes the radiation going through the machines might be minimal, but imagine the amount of radiation going through the people who travel all the time, like the crew of the airplane. Its simple logic really. If you receive radiation at a constant rate, you are more prone to health risks.

2 points

Our third point expresses how this TSA machine is culturally insensitive. It does not take into account the sensitivities certain cultures have towards modesty. In fact there is a big percentage of american citizens who are more orthodox. In certain religions and cultures such as Islam, and the more orthodox versions of Judaism and Christianity modesty is central. To allow strangers to look through clothing at bare bodies is a slap on the face of any modesty preached by any religion.

It also gives unhealthy amounts of power to the law enforcers in the airport who can be racist and use this as a way of humiliating people. Some sources that we used as support for this argument are listed below:



- the-airport/

1 point

Men who are going into training might have a relationship, so if male and female training were to intertwine, some of the men could commit adultery with the other trainees. Also PTS (Post traumatic disorder) has been getting crazy to the point where some war veterans have been put into asylums. All the soldiers when they join the military develop relationships with each other. But when a fellow soldier is killed in action, the rest of the group is traumatised. Some of these cases have resulted in soldiers going mad. Just imagine the aftereffects of a soldier having his or her boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse killed in action with them. The after-effects could be traumatic.

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