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1 point

In this case, you are morphing simple statistics into propaganda, and are nitpicking from sources that say both sides.

To be honest, the strip club is legal. Adults have their rights, and that is one of them.

Furthermore, you haven't even thought for the families. Are they that insignificant?

2 points

Our final points:

We aren't against the mosque; we simply wish it could be built further away. We aren't against free religion; we are considerate to the families in pain. We don't ignore the economic benefits; we feel mental health and well-being is more important than money.

Feel free to post further.

1 point

Just because the families are against the mosque doesn't mean they're against free religion. They are just so scarred that they don't want to be reminded of the site. Furthermore, do you know how they are funded? In fact, nobody does, because they refuse to specifically cite where they're getting it.

Rather interesting, isn't it? Why is a funding matter so difficult to reveal?

0 points

Is this a fact? As in an actual quote, data, statistic, or is it an opinion that you've morphed into a fact to try and ignore the families?

1 point

From all of you for the building of the mosque, I'd like to hear your opinions on the families.

You argue for the rights of minorities yet ignore the 'small' number of families that feel sensitive about it. You argue for the economic benefits while ignoring the mental damage it'll cause.

We also don't have just one source. Here are some more, but I'm sure you'll read it. 100%.,8599,2011799,00.html‘insensitive’

1 point

So your point is...what?

BTW this is the first time you've even addressed the families. Below are some opinions from the families.

0 points

We don't support taking away their rights. We never did. We believe that it should be built further away.

1 point

Build it further away. Don't you even think that this is the logical thing to do? We never said that there shouldn't be a mosque, so why continuously bring this up?

1 point

You continuously argue about the economic benefits and say that that isn't a mosque. Are the families even in your mind? They all realize that it's for a good cause. It's not a matter of racism of anti-Islam either; it's a matter of sensitivity.

I'd really like to hear your opinion on the families. Or are they so insignificant because the mosque has a bunch of stuff in it? com/2010/07/14/nyregion/14center.html? r=0&sa;=D&sntz;=1&usg;=AFQjCNHmEsSxLgmT8SwOuJgNT7JUFyjxQ

2 points

Why do you think there weren't any mosques built? It wasn't to help the funding of Park51; the government was being considerate. I realize that the Muslims in lower Manhattan need a place to worship.

Our argument isn't 'there shouldn't be any mosques near Ground Zero,' it's rather 'built the thing further away instead of right next to it' so everyone can be happy.

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