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1 point

THis is a tragedy. How did it happen? Do you blame the gun or the person shooting the wrong way?

1 point

IF you look around the world where guns are not as accessible, you have sometimes more people dieing from knives. Murders will happen if you have a gun or don't.

1 point

It is an important law because of the basic right that the american government is suppose to be for the people. It is the peoples right to rise up and fight for their personal freedoms if the government is mistreating them. The law is not about protection. If it was, than there many things we should outlaw as they are unsafe for americans and thousands of people each year die from.

2 points

Interesting point. Is it right to spend 100 million dollars to find out that there is no oxygen in space? Or that it is cold......maybe there are better ways to gain knowledge....

Chaddwick(126) Clarified
1 point

Has this happened yet? So the only thing that we need or hope to find is a second planet Earth seems to not be the best investment.

4 points

Should we start packing now than? The main resources we need are water, clean air, sunlight and soil......What resources are you declaring is running out? Oil or coal? Are we to become extinct if these become extinguished?

Chaddwick(126) Clarified
2 points

Is it expensive? Can a common person do it? Has anyone ever tried?

Chaddwick(126) Clarified
3 points

What kind of things are you hoping to find that is new? Have we found anything new?

3 points

Would you consider all of the technological advancements made in order to achieve space exploration a waste? Computers, aero engineering, satellites, robotics....just to name a brief few.

2 points

What about when a country is invaded? They did not choose to get invaded. Maybe they were because of a key land or water resource or port. This is not their fault.

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Winning Position: No, it should not
Winning Position: No, they should not
Winning Position: Yes they should be allowed
Winning Position: No, it should not
Winning Position: Yes it should be allowed
Winning Position: No, it should not

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