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RSS Andreas21

Reward Points:1
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Why do you post twice it wont make a difference to us, they are still the same thing!

1 point

This is not a trust worthy site! We need proof that this is a real site, everyone uses it but no one knows its a bad site, it has no proof no PH. D nothing!

1 point

There is a decrease, of course there will be but there are still some out there and if you put them in jail and ruin their life they may feel bad and never again, in addition you aren't killing people. As said by Vijai P. Sharma, Ph.D "Words Can Hurt More Than Sticks And Stones" Sticks and stones can create death and if you hurt them from the inside it will create more damage here is a site proving it n7033992.html Man Becomes Model Citizen After Being Accidentally Released From Prison 88 Years Early This is a news site.

1 point

Then you become the murderer. Even the creator of the lethal injection said it was bad.

The man who invented the lethal injection method of execution told The Guardian that miscarriages of justice and botched executions have changed his mind about the death penalty.

This is coming from a news site

Sola, Katie. "Inventor Of Lethal Injection: 'I Am Ambivalent About The Death Penalty'"

The Huffington Post., n.d. Web. 28 May 2015.

1 point

Once again same site, we need more than just 1 site, not all the same!

1 point

This is not suppose to be an argument! Where did you get this?

1 point

Where did you get this information? Link, citation we need proof, you can't make this up from your head.

1 point

Can you give me names, place, when, and yes our sites are legit we have the ability to site them and not only that but they are news sites an/or .org .gov or .net

1 point

Are you guys too scared to go against us or dispute us, as we can see you have not disputed and so far I believe we are winning!

2 points

What if someone is raped or attacked or their parents get murdered and they go crazy and murder that person, then what do you do, kill them for vengeance?

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